Alexander K Lynne

Our Champion: Alex the German Shepherd

Karen and Cathy learn that their Christmas wish is about to come true! Their family is getting a puppy—Alex the German Shepherd. See how the sisters raise Alex to be a happy and healthy dog with lots of hard work and love. Alex becomes their best friend and a champion of the family!

Poor Dad Rich Kid

As COVID-19 has caused individuals and industries alike to reinvent daily operations, it’s also imposed on most people a mandate to reflect on the meaning of work, relationships, society, ultimately, what we really want to achieve in life. The next step is learning how to get what we want, without blindly adhering to a generalized passageway of conformity. In the book “Poor Dad, Rich Kid”, author Alexander K Lynne reveals his personal experiences in pursuit of business success as well as straightforward advice for achieving a linear path to financial success. With this book, Mr. Lynne realistically explores his knowledge of practicality — academic, career, and personal — as a means of helping readers understand their true desires and the quickest path to achieving them through action. This book is not meant to preserve the reader’s status quo by validating their feelings of inadequacy and existential doubt. Instead, “Poor Dad, Rich Kid” is based on the truth of Mr. Lynne’s own observations and experiences, with an unvarnished look at how to succeed in an uncertain future.

Author’s bio

Alexander K Lynne was born and raised in Queens, New York. Mr. Lynne’s parents came to America with little money in the 80’s.  His father worked as a truck driver in a small privately owned warehouse in Brooklyn for decades until retired. His mother was a homemaker. The family lived above the poverty line with government food subsidies for years.

Mr. Lynne graduated from NYU Stern with a dual degree in finance and accounting, and worked on Wall Street for over a decade. After 2008, Mr. Lynne decided to use his savings to start an APP business, and left banking to devote full time to the startup in 2015. Things ran well until COVID hit global in 2020. Since the business was event related, Mr. Lynne decided to put things on hold and re-think about the meaning of life.

In leisure time, Mr. Lynne reads a variety of books, preferring history, autobiography, non-fiction, self-help, personal finance, and classics from both Eastern and Western literatures. Mr. Lynne now lives with his family in New Jersey.

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